Beautiful Icy Strait Point at Hoonah Alaska
Hoonah, Whale

Whales, Wildlife, &
Brown Bear Search

Whales and bears in one tour!

Imagine being in the midst of humpback whales as they feed and frolic in the bountiful waters of Icy Strait. Then imagine overlooking a wild salmon stream, winding its way out amidst sedges and berry bushes, and suddenly, a bear's head pops out of the grass, or another one appears around the river bend.  Then imagine having both these experiences in one day!  On this tour you ride a high-speed catamaran through waters that support a wide array of marine life, including orca (killer whales), Steller's sealions, seal, porpoise, and of course the magnificent humpback whales.  Along the shore, keep your eyes peeled for bald eagles in the evergreen treetops.  Your onboard naturalist will describe the biology and behavior of the diverse species that gather here every summer to indulge in the nutrient rich waters, fueled by the long Alaska summer days. Then, cruise back to Icy Strait Point where your local guide will meet you to begin the Wildlife Search.  The journey out to the Spasski River is a tour in itself, as your bus travels through the Tlingit village of Hoonah and, quickly, out through the interior forests and muskegs of Chichagof Island.  Watch for bald eagles, woodpeckers, Sitka black-tailed deer and even Alaska coastal brown bears all along the way.  When you arrive near the river, your guide will lead you down a gravel path across a muskeg and to the river itself, all the way describing and illuminating the rainforest ecology that supports our island's massive bears.  Humpback whales are so plentiful at Point Adolphus that Icy Strait Point will give you a refund of $100 ($50 per child) if a whale is not spotted on the trip.  For safety reasons, bears are NOT guaranteed, but your chances of spotting one are good. Wear warm layered clothing and a waterproof jacket. Weather conditions in southeast Alaska may change suddenly.  And of course remember to bring your cameras, videocameras and binoculars!

Duration: Approximately 5.0 hours


We are a locally owned business with a local workforce.  80% of our staff are Alaska Natives and shareholders of our parent corporation Huna Totem - Join us on tour - let us show you our home, "We live here!"

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