Bear Viewing at Icy Strait Point
Icy Strait Point tram

Forest Tram & Tribal Dance

Join in an exploration of the Southeast Alaskan rainforest aboard a covered wheeled tram that takes you through the old growth forest along the shores of Icy Strait.

Discover first-hand the natural wonders of our wild southeast Alaskan rainforest. Departing from just outside Icy Strait Point's historic cannery, our wheeled, covered tram carries you and your local guides approximately two miles(each way) through an old growth rainforest and out along the shoreline where Chichagof Island meets the bountiful waters of Icy Strait. Your guides will describe the ecological and cultural significance of the forest's unique plants and animals, and how the island's Native Tlingit people are bound to its rich landscape.  At the beachfront turn-around, you will have the option of exploring the rocky beach on foot, within view of an established bald eagle nest.  Don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for eagles and other land and marine mammals that inhabit the area. The tram road is bumpy in places.  Wear comfortable shoes if you plan to walk on the uneven terrain of the beach at the turnaround. Raincoats are recommended, and, don't forget your cameras and binoculars! Upon returning to Icy Strait Point, you will gather at the Heritage Center Native Theater for the Tribal Dance and Cultural Legends performance.  Wearing their traditional regalia, Huna Tlingit performers share their history and culture through song, dance and storytelling. The show culminates in a lively traditional celebration... and you're invited to participate!  Please refrain from photography and videotaping during the Tribal Dance.  The performers will remain in their regalia for photos immediately afterwards. 



We are a locally owned business with a local workforce.  80% of our staff are Alaska Natives and shareholders of our parent corporation Huna Totem - Join us on tour - let us show you our home, "We live here!"

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